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Contractors General Liability

Contractors General Liability

What is General Liability Insurance and do I require it?

General Liability Insurance is protection that shields your business from an assortment of difficult situations: property harm, physical damage, and individual damage claims that can result from your business activities and possibly put your business’ resources and assets in danger.

For instance, General Liability Insurance protection ensures you and your business in case of the following:

While providing service to a customer, you inadvertently harm a client’s property and it costs a great deal to repair.

A client slips and harms himself in your store. That will bring about costly doctor’s visit expenses and lead to some amount of litigation.

In the event that a claim like this is made against your business, at that point your Commercial General Liability protection policy will empower you to cover those expenses.

An ever increasing number of organizations are being sued for: carelessness, criticism, defame, property harm, substantial damage, copyright infringement in addition to other things, and that happens even in cases where no wrong doing occured.

These scenarios demonstrate reasons why procuring general liability insurance protection from Quesurance is imperative.

What is secured with Commercial General Liability Insurance?

Real damage or property harm: General Liability Insurance protects your assets and resources from claims arising from substantial damage or property harm because of property harm or real damage emerging out of your business products, services, or employees.

Advertising mistakes: Advertising mistakes protects your enterprise from claims who may accuse you of infringing on their copyrights or other intellectual property while promoting merchandis, items, or administrions in your marketing collateral.

Harm to premises leased to you:  Harm to premises leased to you ensures against claims for harm to premises leased to you because of flame, lightning or blast.

Reputation Management:  Reputation Management features of General Liability Insurance actively shields your business from erroneous claims of false arrest, unjust prosecution, libel, slander, wrongful eviction, infringement of the privilege of security and privacy and more.

Restorative installments: Restorative installments shields from claims on the off chance that somebody is harmed on business premises and needs medicinal treatment.

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